"When asked to describe myself as a photographer and explain my process I told another photographer I liken myself to a gunslinger. Shoot fast, a lot and worry about it later because I edit work for a long time. Sit with it. Experiment with as many resources as possible. Some days, the process is a gift and works out immediately. Sometimes I work on an image for six months. Easily I can say I work it till its "right". And right is that internal knowing that the image is spirit and comes from that universal well of creativity. ​Currently I am working with a consultant from Artlink on a project in Dubai supplying photographs for a new 5-star hotel. Artlink represents me, in Tel Aviv, as a fine art photographer. I am also engaged in a series of work "crimes passions consequences". Images inspired by love romance passion and the titles inspired from literature, lyrics and films I've loved. The second project is a collaboration with John Poole, artist-in-residence at Smith Foundry in Minneapolis. We are working on combining images and cast iron sculptures."